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Welcome to our Oscars Live Stream Awards 2017, Sunday’s 89th Academy Awards is sure to not only make the biggest names in Hollywood but be one of the big cinematic ceremonies of all time. The show hosted by Jimmy Kimmel for his first time will be broadcast live on beginning on February 26 Sunday, 2017, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, 5:30 p.m. PST. That is the night for celebrating entire Hollywood industry as well as millions of people in the world.

Every year few picture gets the nomination for best picture or best director award as well actor and actress are also get the nomination for their outstanding performance in the movie. For that reason today I can discuss you some excellent films detail which is bring nominated for several categories.

Oscar Nominations: Who Will Win Oscar 2017 award?

Best films for Oscar Award 2017:


“La La Land” is a top listed film which is gets nominated more than ten categories including best picture, best director, best actor, best actress and much more. Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) are pinched jointly by their same needs to do what they love. But as achievement increase, they are faced with the choice that begins to dispute the fragile fabric of their love affair, along with the dreams they perform so hard to sustain in each other threaten to rip them separately.  La La Land is an American romantic, comedy, drama, musical film written and directed by Damien Chazelle and leading performer is Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. The whole movie history follows a musician and aspiring actresses who meet as well as fall in love in Los Angeles. The film’s title refers equally to the city of Los Angeles and to the expression of being out of contact with realism.


“La La Land” is got the nomination for best picture award which is quite valuable and most desirable award for the entire film industry. Another important category is the best director. La La Land also nominated for this category which is best director award. Another popular category is best actors and actress in leading role. For the both category, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone already capture the nomination. And lots of movie fans are already desired Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone are the winner of best actor and best actress award. La La Land is also nominated for best cinematography award. This blockbuster movie also captures the best costume design and best production design award, and both are quite important as well as popular category. Another category is the best editing which also catches this movie. You will surprise to hear that that picture also nominated for best sound editing, best sound mixing, best original song and best original score award. If you not clear about all those nomination categories then please read previous content which describes all those types in detail. “La La Land” already starts their winning storm with Golden Globes Award, Boston Society of Film Critics Awards, Boston Society of Film Critics Awards, Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, Capri Awards and much more. Their maximum winning award is the best director, best actor and actress, and best picture. So this is confirming the message that “La La Land” is a strong competitor for other movies which get the nomination of that category.

Another blockbuster movie is “Arrival” which is also nominated for more than ten categories including best picture, best director, best actress, best actors in supporting role, best editing and much more. Those entire classes are quite popular and significant not only for Academy as well movie lover. Linguistics professor Louise Banks (Amy Adams) can lead an elite squad of investigators when enormous spaceships touchdown in 12 places around the world. As nations hover on the border of global war, Banks, as well as her crew, must race beside time to get a way to communicate with the extraterrestrial visitors. Hoping to disentangle the unknown, she takes a chance that could make threats her life along with probably all of human bring. “Arrival” is a 2016 American science fiction movie which is directed by Denis Villeneuve and written by Eric Heisserer, based on the 1998 short story “Story of Your Life” through Ted Chiang. Previously I told you that this film could be nominated for several categories. Every year best picture is a popular category for world most prestigious Academy or Oscar award. Arrival can get the best picture nomination. “Arrival” also gets the best director award category nomination. Everyone desired best actress nomination and final announcement of winner name. Amy Adams has the chance to win that prestigious award because she can get the best actor nomination. But Arrival can’t get the best actors nomination. Jeremy Renner and Forrest Whitaker can achieve the best supporting actor’s nomination. Arrival can also gain best-adapted screenplay, best cinematography, best editing, best production design, best sound mixing, best sound editing, best visual effects and best original score category nomination.

“Hidden Figures” is a fantastic Hollywood biographical drama film which is directed by Theodore Melfi along with written by Melfi and Allison Schroeder, inspired by the non-fiction book of the similar name by Margot Lee Shetterly, regarding female African-American mathematicians at NASA. The movie is set in the early on the 1960s, when racial separation was still state law crossways the South, as well as activism, is raising in the civil rights movement. In 1962, mathematician Katherine Goble was working at the West Area Computers division of Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, alongside co-workers Mary Jackson, an aspiring engineer, along with Dorothy Vaughan, acting supervisor of the group of African-American women “computers. As well this film is also getting the nomination for several categories. The best picture, best director, and best actress category are quite significant. Academy Award or Oscar Award is one of the most prestigious cinematic awards for giving the best performance in the film industry. When it comes to the point about the top category in Academy award, then everyone first consideration is the best picture and best director. You will glad to here that Hidden Figures can get both nominations and that have enough possibility to win the final announcement for win the best picture and best director award. That picture also achieves the best-adapted screenplay, best film editing, best costume design, best production design as well best original score category nomination. Millions of fans are waiting to hear the name of their favorite celebrity name as the best actress or actor’s category as well as supporting role. Hidden Figures achieve best actress in leading role and best actress in supporting role nomination.  “Hidden Figures” can give a clear message to other competitor films for an intense fight in final winner announcement.

Watch The Oscars Live Stream Awards & Red Carpet 2017

“Silence” is a 2016 classic historical drama movie directed by Martin Scorsese as well as written by Jay Cocks and Scorsese, inspired by the 1966 novel of the similar name by Shūsaku Endō. While the story is set in Nagasaki, Japan, the movie was shot entirely on location in Taiwan in moreover around Taipei. At St. Paul’s College, Portuguese, Macau Jesuit priest Alessandro Valignano get news that father Cristóvão Ferreira in Japan renounced his trust after being tortured. Ferreira’s pupils, father Sebastião Rodrigues along with father Francisco Groupe, disbelieving he would hand over such apostasy, set off to get him. Kichijiro, an alcoholic fisherman who run away Japan, agrees to guide them. At the Japanese village of Tomoki, the priests are shocked to find local Christian populations obsessed underground. They enthusiastically welcome the priests, who control long-awaited sacraments to them. Silence is a blockbuster movie in 2016 because of its exceptional history and pattern of the theme. For that reason, this film can get several nominations in several categories. Silence can achieve almost 14 nominations in the different category. Silence has enough possibility to get the final winner announcement of Academy Award because this picture can get the best picture nomination. As well Martin Scorsese can get the best director nomination for giving an excellent direction for that movie. Most of the film lover is waiting for their favorite celebrity name announcement as a winner or nominated. Andrew Garfield can achieve the nomination is the best actor in leading category. Adam Driver and Liam Neeson got the best actor in supporting role nomination. Silence movie also gets the best-adapted screenplay, best editing, best cinematography, best production design, best costume design, best makeup and hairstyle, best sound mixing, best sound editing and original score category nomination. Silence movie is one of the best movies in 2016 because of its exceptional history and theme of the film. This movie is already declaring the high competition against other films. 

After all those brief discussions, it is clear that every year several movies are going viral about its popularity. Every year few films are going nominated, and finally, an exceptional film wins the world most prestigious Academy Award or Oscar Award. All blockbuster movies can’t nominate for Oscar award; only those films are nominated which are give a unique message and making the extraordinary history. About 35 films in the different category are nominated in the different award category.