Red Carped Oscar awards

Red Carpet Oscar awards 2017:

Oscar award was also known as Academy Awards which is hosted yearly with big and small names meet to observe this grand award-giving ceremony. Every year the Oscar award events are organized in the United States which takes almost four hours for the service start to end. All Hollywood superstars are coming for attending this spectacular event. Oscar award function is not only Hollywood movie industry; hundreds of celebrities all over the world are getting together for this award function. From those, some of the people are going to be elected for awards, who are giving the extraordinary performance in the film industry in the previous year. Millions of people are waiting for watching this award function live. Red Carpet Oscar awards 2017 will be the viral for watch this award function. Lots of people are wanted to see their favorite celebrity in a live telecast. What he or she wear? Because all of the superstars are trying their best to presents him or her as a unique and gorgeous. All they are walk on the red carpet and give a pose for pick hundreds of photos capturing by a journalist who is coming all over the world. The organizer can organize this event as a mega celebration. That is the event which is the desired party for all over the world’s movie lover. Red Carped Oscar awards Live Stream February 26, 2017 are held on February 26, 2017, in Dolby Theater in Hollywood at Los Angeles.

Red Carped Oscar awards

History of Academy Award or Oscar Award

The name Oscar award has a long history which is quite pleasurable. The first Oscar Award or Academic Award is held in 1929 on 16 May of Thursday. First time in 1929 this event are arranged in Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood. This event is held for giving the honor for outstanding performance for film industry of 1927 and 1928. That year this event is hosted by director William and actor Douglas Fairbanks. The Oscars, or Academy Awards, is an annual awards ceremony organized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) to identify the excellence in cinematic achievements in the United States film industry and best foreign language film as the judge by the Academy’s voting membership. Since 1956 best foreign language film is included in the nomination for an award which is 29th Academy Award.  The first Academy Award or Oscar held May 16, 1929, at a private dinner party in Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood. The total numbers of audiences were 270.

All Nomination Categories

In the present time, Oscar awards a total number of nominations is 24 in several categories. Every Academy Award or Oscar Award is held in February last or first in March. But nominations are declared six weeks before the grand award winning celebration. There have lots of nominations, but some nomination is such type which is desirable for everyone, and all the movie fans are waiting for those award winners name declaration. Those categories are Best Director, Best Film, Best Actor and Best Actress. As well the best supporting role actors and actress category are also desirable. Previously you know there has entire 24 nomination category for Academy Award or Oscar Award. Before watching Oscar award live Streaming 2017, know the detail nomination category in bellow.


  1. Best Picture (Since 1928)
  2. Best Director (since 1928)
  3. Best Actor in a Leading Role (since 1928)
  4. Best Actress in a Leading Role (since 1928)
  5. Best Actor in a Supporting Role (since 1936)
  6. Best Actress in a Supporting Role (since 1936)
  7. Best Animated Short Film (since 1931)
  8. Best Documentary Short Subject (since 1941)
  9. Best Foreign Language Film (since 1947)
  10. Best Live Action Short Film (since 1931)
  11. Best Animated Feature (since 2001)
  12. Best Costume Design ( since 1948)
  13. Best Cinematography (since 1928)
  14. Best Film Editing   (since 1934)
  15. Best Makeup and Hairstyling (since 1981)
  16. Best Production Design (since 1928)
  17. Best Original Score (since 1934)
  18. Best Original Song (since 1934)
  19. Best Visual Effects (since 1939)
  20. Best Sound Editing (since 1963)
  21. Best Sound Mixing (since 1930)
  22. Best Sound Mixing (since 1930)
  23. Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay) (since 1928)
  24. Best Writing (Original Screenplay) (since 1940)


Those are all category are giving the nomination in every year. All those nominations are declared six weeks before the actual award function. Since the 1933 to 1937 lots of award categories are eliminated. After those years also some changes but the major changes are held that year. Like that best assistant director, best director in a comedy movie, best short film, best engineering effects, best original story. Those categories are eliminated from academy award or Oscar award.

The first step in selecting Oscar winners is contraction all the possible honors in a specified year up to five nominees for every single award category. To be suitable for nominations in each of the feature film categories, a movie has to meet these fundamental requirements:


  1. The movie must be more than forty (40) minutes long.
  2. Particular movies public premiere should have been in a movie theater, through the appropriate calendar year (during 2016, for the 89th Academy Awards).

III.    It must capture premiered in 35mm otherwise 70mm film format or in 24-frame, progressive scan digital system.

  1. The specific movie should have to play in an L.A. County theater, intended for paid admission, for seven repeated days, starting in the particular calendar year.

If any producer or distributor would like their significant film to be considered for an Oscar or Academy Award nomination, they have to submit an official screen credits form. This outline lists the production credits used for all connected Oscar categories. The Academy authority receives these forms and makes a list of the submitted films in the reminder list of entitled releases.

For all of the award categories, just Academy members in with the intention of the particular field are permissible to vote for nominees. Foreign language films, as well as documentary nominees, are selecting by specific screening groups made up of the Academy members as of all branches, and every person gets to choose the best picture nominees. Foreign language film nominees are preferred from a list of films submitted by foreign nations. Each foreign country can submit only one film per year. The Academy member can choose five nominees for each category, grade in order of preference. For maximum categories, Academy members write in just the movie title. In support of acting categories, the Academy members select particular actors. It’s up to the single Academy voters to choose whether an actor must be nominated for leading role otherwise supporting role. A specific actor can’t be nominated for both categories intended for a single performance yet. The Academy member hand over the nominee to any group and the nominee is eligible for first. Producers frequently take out ads in diversity and further major movie industry magazines to recommend nominees for that category. Academy members usually have a few of weeks for present their selection for nominees. Just the once the ballots are in, the accounting firm tabularizes the nominee ballot votes in privacy. After that, the Academy declares the candidates in an early on morning press conference. A week or else so later, the Academy can email last ballots to every Academy members. Members have two (2) weeks to submit the ballots, after that the polls are closed. Though all this is going on, movie making companies are dropping significant funds keen on the demonstration for their candidate. The Academy overlooks all efforts to catch Academy members to see the films, although restrict production companies as of mailing away improper motivation. All production companies are allowed to send Academy member’s video copies of candidate films, moreover to arrange special screenings of their movies or films.

Entire the United States or all over the world’s newspaper or TV channel have highlighted the nomination until the desired function will be held. After the Academy or Oscar Award 2017 winner’s announcement, all newspaper and TV channel headline is the award winner’s name. Every actors and actress have a dream to come with a red carpet and win this world most prestigious film industries excellence performance award, which is called desired Oscar award. Lots of celebrity’s lovers are waiting for seeing the favorite celebrity’s presentation for this event. All participant especially actresses are presented them exceptionally. Sometimes they wear the exceptional costume for highlight the entire award function event. Unique looks decoration and excellent exterior decoration as well interior stage as well audience gallery. So you have to wait few weeks to see this world most prestigious award function. You can’t be seen that entire superstar at a time in a single theater.

When coming to the point of hosting this Oscar event. Every time Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) can select a person who can give a great speech and tell the little joke to make the event more enjoyable. 89th Academy Award or Oscar award hosting by Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy Kimmel is a producer, American television host, comedian, writer, and voice actor. Recently Jimmy Kimmel can host Primetime Emmy Award on ABC.

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Red Carpet Oscar awards Live Stream 2017
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